To Whom It May Concern,
     I am writing this letter on behalf of Shante Ferguson. She is a very competent, caring, smart, and resourceful woman. Shante is the lead Medical Assistant (MA) at Valley Pediatrics and I have known her for over 5 years in a few different capacities. Initially, I was a Physician Assistant student doing a rotation and she made me feel very comfortable in a new environment, which is one of her strong qualities. She welcomed me into the office and showed me around. Over the years, I became a provider and Shante became one of my medical assistants. It was always a better day when Shante was working with me. Her positive spirit lightens up the room and her behavior demonstrates how much she really cares about her patients. Lastly, and most recently my son and I have became her patients when he was born in January.      Shante has this special way about her that makes her patients feel very important and she is great at communicating with the children. Her warm personality and loving spirit becomes obvious when she holds an infant in her arms. In the clinic setting, Shante’s medical skills are consistent and accurate. I trusted her with giving vaccinations to my son and taking good care of him in these early days of his life, and for a mom to trust her infant with someone is a big deal. Patients have told me Shante treats each kid as if they are her own. She has a lot of patience with even the most rambunctious children. She speaks to the children on their level, while also being capable of discussing medical terminology with the parents. In pediatrics, the MAs have 2 patients – the child and the parent/caregiver. I have also witnessed her leadership skills as the Lead MA, who has trained newly hired MAs in our clinic and continues to lead and guide by example. I have also seen Shante have to do difficult things when we had a MA who was not performing up to our clinic’s expectations. She had to address the issue and set up a plan for the other MA to show improvement in her skills, and she took care of it like a leader would.  Off note, Shante has an affinity toward pregnant women and treats them like queens. She recognizes the beauty in pregnancy and of carrying and delivering a child. There have been multiple pregnant providers in our office, myself included, and Shante always goes out of her way to make sure we have stayed hydrated by bringing us ice chips and water throughout the days at work. When I was pregnant and in break room for lunch, Shante would say “do you want any of my food? Can i get you anything? Are you feeding baby enough?” She showed genuine care and it was felt. I am currently a parent /patient at Valley Pediatrics and have started a new position as a Physician Assistant in Labor and Delivery. It is a miracle that I get to bear witness to new life everyday. Shante has expressed an interest in being a part of the birthing process, which seems appropriate for her. Caring for pregnant women and newborns appears to come natural to Shante. She will be successful in any field she pursues and any office would be lucky to have her. I would be happy to discuss Shante and if you have any further inquiries you can reach me on my cell 617-828-4401.


Client Testimonials for Shante Ferguson

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My experience with Shante was nothing short of amazing! You want to talk about a woman who’s found her calling and, purpose in life this is it for her. She made my experience of bringing life into this world for the first time so peaceful graceful and, humbling. I couldn’t ask for a better Doula she knew all the right things to say all the right places to touch to sooth me in my moment’s of discomfort during labor; her atrentaivness and selfless care she displayed with me was that of which you’d only expect from your close family. However she’s embodied that energy to become one with her laboring Mom and, make the moment even more pure and worthwhile. I’m so greatful for this Queen of a Doula her spirt, personality and presence allowed me to have the exact laboring experience any mom would dream to have. Thank you Shante for being so wonderful and, making my labor and, delivery experience so amazing and, unforgettable. 

Posted 11/24/2019

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My experience with Shawn was awesome. She was very supportive of my needs from the first time we sat down to talk about my fears and concerns. She made my labor process so much easier than I believe it would’ve been without her, knew everything I needed when I needed it without me having to ask, just being that attentive. If I were to ever have another baby, and I have sworn that I will not, but If I do, I have no doubt that I’d be having Shawn as my doula again. 

Posted 9/19/2019